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Richard's interview questions

Preparing for the interview

The questions below are those that normally would prove most difficult for you to answer. The issues raised will be those you are less comfortable with.

Some or all of these questions will probably be asked together with more job-specific ones. Thinking about your answers in advance should help in an interview situation.

We've included some comments from the consultant to help to steer you in the right direction. These are only suggestions, it will be worthwhile for you to think about your own answers.

Q. What would influence you more in achieving your personal goals - individual incentives or team commitment?

As a team player you would always want to achieve success through working with others and sharing the glory is part of your enjoyment.

Q. How do you focus on goals and objectives?

Not your strong point, however, you need to be prepared with an answer for this one. You can see that the team will benefit from setting objectives and therefore, agree mini goals when part of the team which you feel are easier to achieve than detailed long term goals.

Q. Sometimes taking a direct approach to problems results in casualties. What are your feelings about that?

Watch this one. Your profile highlights your strong 'feelings' preference and this could indicate that you would not do what was necessary if casualties were the result. Your best bet here would be to have some examples of previous tough decisions that resulted in successful outcomes.

Q. Under what circumstances would you be prepared to compromise your values?

Never, is not what they are looking for! You need to think about this and give a true response. Living in the real world you must have had to do this previously, can you think of a situation and your justification for this?

Q. How do you deal with being rushed into a decision?

You don't like it as too many mistakes are made. Sometimes it is not the quickest thing to do particularly if the task has to be done over because the rushed decision was wrong. You are, however, aware that sometimes a quick decision is required and if information is openly available this can be achieved.

Q. When might it be important to make a quick decision?

If a deadline had to be met.

Q. Give an example of when you have debated with strong persuaders.

Read aggression for strong persuaders! You really will have to find examples of this as your profile shows that you do not like aggression.

Q. Do you exercise often?

Your laid back style could be taken as laziness so get on that exercise bike so that you can answer yes.<?i>

Q. What forms does your exercise take?

Interesting to note that it is in the plural, cycling alone is not going to do it!

Q. When is it appropriate to decline more work?

This is another assertiveness question. You need to demonstrate that you are willing to say no, and delegate before getting snowed under and stressed out.

Q. Which is the greater priority (and why): getting the job done at all costs, or caring for people?

By caring for people you will get the job done better they should not be mutually exclusive. You believe in the team effort, however, if a team does not feel valued the job will never be successfully completed.