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Richard's Personal Profile



  • Even-tempered and reliable
  • A mediator
  • Plays down differences
  • Calm, relaxed and harmonious
  • Has a need to get along with others

Richard in detail

Richard is a steady individual who lends a quiet stability to everything. One of his outstanding traits is economy of effort. He can complete practical tasks and do repetitive work effectively. He tends to take the things he does well for granted and usually underrates and understates himself.


He needs to remember to withdraw regularly from caring for others to take care of himself. Despite his matter-of-factness, he will sometimes experience a private reaction to something he senses is wrong and if he articulates this, it can come as a surprise to those around him. He may not readily talk of his need to move continually to become who he really wants to be.

Although he is quite ingenious and idea-oriented, he is rather modest about his finer qualities. Richard's work style is a balance of structure and responsibility with an awareness of others' needs. Richard should try to stand back occasionally and look at himself and at his work more objectively.