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Richard in detail continued

He is not competitive preferring to cooperate with others to get things done. He is a natural counsellor and he knows the value of feedback. He has expertise in constructive feedback, which he endeavours to deliver in a timely manner with the aim of developing the individual to achieve his or her full potential.

Although he is laid back, he will react strongly to something he sees as wrong and will certainly voice his objections. Others are sometimes surprised by this outburst as in the main they see only the matter of fact person on a day-to-day basis.

Conscientious and reliable he is a consistent worker who benefits from having his own defined work area or space. His quiet manner is peaceful to be around, which makes working with him a pleasant experience. He has a transformational style, and is an excellent facilitator and team member.

Richard values harmony and he has no difficulty being open about his feelings, however, he does take criticism and rejection personally. He has a strong commitment to family life and ensures that time is given to social pursuits and these are not sacrificed on an endless treadmill of work. Richard firmly believes in planning and organising ones life to accommodate both work and play.