The Electric Bus. Auckland, New Zealand. 1973.


Hereís the electric bus.

I get on at the top of Parnell Road, across

from the old church on St. Stephenís Ave.

When the driver takes off, itís like being in  a

Pinball machine as you careen up the aisle past

the horrified faces of people already seated

and hanging on for dear life. 

You can end up on someoneís lap, your  backside,

an empty seat, or if youíre very unlucky, way  at

the back flat on your face.

You have to pull the cord for your stop and hope

the driverís already had enough fun for the  day.

Sometimes the booms clatter off the overhead  cable

and you stop dead in the middle of  the street.    

Many passengers escape during this bit of luck

Before the driver can return.