October, 1975. Pasadena, California.


I would rather rip out my tongue by the root, than repeat those 
terrible words I screamed at you.
They were not true, and they will remain echoing through my soul 
until my death.
I impugned your honor, your delicate nature, your womanhood, 
your purity, with malicious intent to cause suffering.
What kind of 'man' is it, that would utter such vile and hateful 
words to a woman who'd given him such passion, such hope, 
such love, so freely; and asked nothing in return ?
What kind of  'man' is it, who'd inflict such pain upon that loving 
creatures soul which had only sought to understand him ? 
What kind of 'man' is it, who would turn his back wordlessly and wrap 
himself in darkness to deny her the opportunity to explain her 
thoughts and actions, and not stand to defend her right to try ?
That is no 'man', that was just a very frightened boy. 
Too afraid of losing her love to fight his jealous rage.