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With thanks to The Universal Translater.

This site has grown over the years to what it is now.   It contains information and links about various types of illness, disorder, and syndrome. 

So much for the serious side of it all.... but I am a light-hearted individual, and that just HAD to show up in my work here.  So I created my "Fun" section.    These pages range from a humourous "academic" critique of the nature of time - or the lack of it (we've all had those occasions when we "just didn't have time..." or "just ran out of time...";  to a selection of quotes that I have put together over the while.

In addition to the purely medical treatment of matters, I had a series of poems sent to me by sufferers of some type or other of Brain Injury - usually an accident of some sort (the so-called Traumatic Brain Injury,. or TBI for short.) .  So many, in fact, that I set up a separate area for them.  

Lastly, I incorporated a few other "sites" into this area.   Each is a distinct web site of it's own, and may stand alone by themselves.    First is a small selection of pages purporting to sell my services as a webmaster, there's also Debbie Wilson's Site, which I placed here after a family upset caused the original site to close down.  Lastly, I have given room to a small set of writings by Paul Jardine.

So... I hope you have a good time browsing around here.   I've incorporated a search engine, which looks at all the files in this web site, to help you find what you want.    I've also set up a "chat" page, where visitors can talk to each other about anything or everything.... try it.

After several comments, I've replaced the original index page with this one;  although the old one could send visitors straight to whatever they were after, it seemed to be clumsy, and to give the wrong impression.   So, please, if you have any new comments on this page (or site) please email me.