How to Join ReHu
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How to Join ReHu


Well, firstly you must ask yourself a few questions.  Like

Do I really want my mailbox full of one-line posts every morning?

Do I really mind if people makes jokes about my religion?

Would I mind if I joined a religious humour group - that didn't talk about religion?

Am I prepared to spend a fair time "lurking" first, learning about the Sacred Traditions (and foods) of ReHu?  


Well, OK, so you passed the driving test. 

Then. just put your mouse here, and click it. Then click "Subscribe", and follow your nose.

Ask your manager how to do this.

Oh.  No manager.

Well, we always find that prayer is very efficient, in moments of crisis and at other times too, especially when coupled with the manual of the device in question.   I am, of course, referring to The Owner's Manual, not the pair of hands at the keyboard.

There!  That wasn't so bad, after all, now, was it?

Shortly, you  will receive a post from Yahoo..  In a change from the past,  the sender has no special "ReHu name"; normally, we don't like technical names, so we called the last one "Auntie Listie".  In the glad and memorable honour of Uncle Listy, who was a cranky old listserv that ran the list during the first couple of years of it's existence.  Uncle Listy would periodically decide that member "X" should no longer be subscribed - voila!  he became, as we in all hilarity called it, "uncommunicated".   Other innocent individuals in the outer world, knowing nothing of ReHu and our ideas of fun, would suddenly start receiving a flood of "small-talk by email".   Uncle Listy had been at it again.  And so the spice of life was leavened by the erratic behaviour of our beloved Uncle Listy.  It was a sad blow when the powers that be determined his demise from the cyber-world.

Anyway, this post will tell you some things that it would be very useful to know at some point in the future.  So keep safe, in some folder where you don't normally delete stuff.  Because the most heinous crime in ReHu is to DELETE THE FAQ.  It is generally punsishable by an eternity of membership.

Now read the posts and become a Rehuvot.


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