Druid Theme Song??
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From the Quingdom of Rehu, we present:


We will worship like the Druids,
Drinking strange fermented fluids,
Running naked through the woo-ids,
Coz that's good enough for me!

I'll go get my golden sickle
And I'll wear it where it tickles
It ain't used for cuttin' pickles!
And it's good enough for me!

We'll go riding with Arawn
In the dark before the dawn
Wildest Hunt that we've been on!
But it's good enough for me!

Now there was this wizard, Merlin,
Really kept the world a-twirlin'
'Til he got mixed up in girlin'
But he's good enough for me!

Wrap your sacrifice in wicker
It will make the flames burn quicker
Tho the smell makes some folks sicker
It's still good enough for me!

When I hear the Ban-Sidhe wailing
Sure it sets my heart a-quailing
Death behind someone is trailing
And I hope it isn't me!

When the Wild Hunt fills the evening
With a howling and a screaming
How the Lady's eyes are gleaming
And that's where I wanna be!

We will dance 'round with the Dus
Tho he plays us fast and loose
He plays jokes on me and youse
But he's good enough for me!

If you like aggressive women
Morrigan with tricks is brimmin'
Do you groove on S&M-in'?
Then she's just the one for you!

Govannon is a gas
And His balls are made of brass
He shoots light'ning from his ass
And that's good enough for me!

Now the Morrigan is haughty,
And at times she's rather naughty,
But only if you're caught-y
And that's good enough for me!

It was good enough for Morrigan
Who will never be called a bore again
For she is the Battle Raven
And it's good enough for me.

In Pwyll's hall you will be welcome
But he's not at home too often
Spends all his time in Annwyfn
And that's good enough for me!

We will worship like Zen Druids
In their non-existant wooids
Don't try to think, just dooid!
And it's good enough for me!

That old wondrous faerie, Morgan
Could appreciate an organ
Just as long as it was workin'
And that's good enough for me!

There's this Druid who is Jewish
He is nice and sometimes foolish
"Oy vey! You don't -look- Druish!"
"Let's define our terms," says he!

Oh the Welsh gods, -you- announce 'em
Asking my gods to renounce 'em
But our gods, I can't pronounce 'em
Being tongue-tied's not for me!

When the Morrigu are riding
And the fell Trollwives are striding
I'm sure going into hiding!
'Cause that battle's not for me!

We will visit with the Sidhe
And we'll drink until we're giddy
Leave behind G. Gordon Liddy
And that's good enough for me!

We will play with the Pookah
It will aspect as a hookah
Or a haunted pressure-cookah
But that's good enough for me!

Said the Sidhe to their new war-duke
"You must quell Balor, that fierce gook;
"Just remember -- USE THE FORCE, LUGH!
"You'll be good enough for us!"

We will party with the Sidhe
For a hundred years or three
And get duct-taped to a tree
And that's good enough for me!

You don't wanna be alone with
That silly Isaac Bonewits
He's the Arch-Druid we moan with
And he's good enough for me!

We will sing a verse for Rhiannon
Who the Celts had had a handle on
When she took their kilted men on
And she's good enough for me!


NOT written by

Brenda Daverin