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Epilepsy - Health and Wealth


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  1. A Prayer
  2. Freshly Diagnosed?
  3. The Global Emergency Medical Archives
  4. Medical Databases of Drup Names
  5. A Dictionary of [Brain-related] Medical Terms
  6. How Memory Works - with age.
  7. Massachusetts. General Hospital
  8. The Epilepsy Web Page
  9. Epilepsy and Brain Mapping Program (Pro Page)
  10. Mount Pleasant Epilepsy Links
  11. An Internet Epilepsy support group
  12. Landau-Kleffner Syndrome
  13. An unusual use of Tegratol (to control addiction)
  14. Vagus Nerve Implant
  15. Epilepsy FAQ, or Andrew's Site
  16. Bromide back again!

17.    Brain Damage from Seizures



  1. Wealth
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    Freshly Diagnosed?


New to Epilepsy?  Or only just been diagnosed?  Or - perhaps someone you know has it....

Scared?  Well, a general description of it can be found by clicking here...   It's not a complete document - epilepsy is such a complex subject that it couldn't be.   It's only one page.  But it's a very good introduction.   Try it.



MGH Epilepsy Surgery Unit

The Epilepsy Surgery Unit at MGH works in close conjunction with the Neuromedical Department's Epilepsy Unit to treat medically refractory seizure disorders in children and adults. This service is complemented by the MGH's research in functional neuroimaging, beginning with the invention of positron emission tomography (pet scanning) at MGH and continuing with the latest developments in functional magnetic resonance (MRI) imaging. In addition the neurosurgical patient care units are equipped with facilities for performing continuously video-monitored EEGs and for continuous subdural and depth electrode monitoring when these procedures are necessary.

Pro Epilepsy


Brain Mapping Program

The purpose of this site is to give those with epilepsy the opportunity to learn more about their disorder and about the medical treatments available to them. You're invited to browse through this Web site and explore all the information available at your fingertips.

The Epilepsy and Brain Mapping Program is a comprehensive healthcare center for treating adult and pediatric epilepsy and other neurological disorders presenting with seizures. Our medical and surgical center offers people with epilepsy a multitude of treatment options including medical management of seizures through established anti-epileptic medications and clinical drug trials, ketogenic diet, surgical treatment and psychosocial assessment, counseling and rehabilitation.

For more information on the Epilepsy and Brain Mapping Program:

The Brain
10 Congress Street
Suite 507
CA 01105

(213) 481-1777
(800) 621-2102
FAX (213) 481-1880
e-mail: epipro@ix.netcom.com


Drug Descriptions

Sometimes it is useful, and comforting, to know details about the Anti-Epileptic Drugs (AED's) that have been prescribed for you.   In fact, life may be saved by this knowledge, if something "goes wrong" and the doctor either can't help or can't be found.   So the following few links may prove useful;   bookmark this, so that you always know where to come again - in a hurry!


  1. http://users.skynet.be/ikaros/link.htm

A long list of epilepsy guides internationally.

    2. Site Copernicus Guide


Types of Epilepsy


The British Epilepsy Association, at http://www.epilepsy.org.uk has a great and varied site.   Included in it is a series of documents describing the different types of epilepsy, and what Joe Public should do with one.  So I recommend that all those wanting to tell families, friends, workmates, and so on, look here.


The addie for the types of seizures is http://www.epilepsy.org.uk/info/charttxt.html



The Ketogenic Diet


The Ketogenic Diet was first conceived in the 1920's, when it was noted (God only knows where) that starving epileptic children - didn't have seizures.   So a diet was produced that simulated starvation whilst actually providing good nutrition.   This, I believe, was done by making the bosdy burn fats instead of carbohydrates, which of course is the body's reaction to the "no food" situation.


This diet is reported to have a 33% success rate, 33% reduction in seizures, and 33% no change.   Although centres working the diet say that you will know if it is going to work in one or two months, it has been known to take up to six months for improvement to appear.


For all people who develop epilepsy, or for those wishing to find out more about it, world-wide, I have been given an excellent reference given to me by Paullette Motzko for the University of Washington, Canada.   I hope that this will help a lot of people.




To those with the dreaded Epilepsy, or helping those who have it (it is hardly correct to call it "suffering" from it, it is more like a completely new way of life), there is an Internet-based support group which you can join.  

To join, Email listserv@home.ease.lsoft.com

    In the message part of the body (where you would normally type "hallo" etc.....) type the listserv commands as follows....

subscribe epilepsy-l <firstname> <lastname>


That's all, folks!    Then send it by your usual route.



Memory Facts


As people age, and as epilepsy, maybe, reduces the brain power available, so our ability to remember things seems to decrease.  This is an article which does not deny that, but does put it into perspective, especially for those of advancing years (I lost the next two chapters, which probably dealt with more topical matters to the younger.  Sorry!)


Vagus Nerve Implant

The link this refrs to is an archive from a mailing list or bulletin board.    Basically, it merely confirms that the VNS can and usually does improve living conditions for an epileptic patient.  Being a transitory nature, I would expect it to expire after a given date - which I don't know!

It is also possible for a VNS implant to have an effect not expected by this post;  patients in epilepsy are unique, with each one having their own world.   Thus for one - and maybe two or three - the implant will be a great relief.   But the fourth may (whether or not it is medically correct) decide not to use the implant, and have it turned off.  That is the joy of the surgery - if it works, fine.   If it doesn't, then just switch it off!  The only thing lost is, of course, money in the operation.

Personally, I would always regard the Quality of Life as the prime indicator of success or failure. 


Epilepsy FAQ


Frequently-asked Questions


A lot of questions about epilepsy are asked by every one new to it;  so The Epicentre put together a series of question-answer things that can satisfy lots of people.   I note that it seems to be fairly exhaustive, but I should imagine they've built in a disclaimer somewhere - I know I would!

The link to follow is




Triple Bromide


In the past, the only treatment for epilepsy was to administer Potassium Bromide to the poor patient.   This frequently stopped the seizures - but just as frequently caused psychiatric problems in the patients!   Now, however, it is hoped to avoid the latter effect by continuously monitoring the plasma bromide level.   The new treatment is called "Triple Bromide",  to differentiate it from the old treatment, and to describe the new elixir (a mixture of three metal ions instead of just one).   Further information can be gained from the following links.... I myself offer no expert advice.







Poetry in Motion


There is a relief to be had from the problems of Epilepsy, for some people, who write about their feelings and worries.   Malcolm is an Epileptic who is also a poet, and I am glad to be able to present some of his work here.  Please feel free to read it.


Landau-Kleffner Syndrome


This is a sort of (juvenile) epilepsy that is best described at LKS on this site.   Please take a look if your offspring show speech difficulties or autism that - isn't.




To contact the page owner, please email dickibus@dickibus.co.uk

Thanks, all


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