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Sleep Disturbances Following Traumatic Brain Injury
By: Angela Drake, Ph.D. and David Bradshaw, M.D.               

"Sleep is a complex phenomenon, controlled by multiple neuronal systems within the brainstem, hypothalamus, thalamus and basal forebrain. In fact, it is likely that two systems exist: one promoting wakefulness, the other sleep. "


This article, to the layman, explores the effects of damage to the brain stem, and it's effects on the wake/sleep ability of the victim.  



Brain Stem Injuries via Strokes

Although these pages deal with stroke rather than TBI directly, the effect
is the same;  brain injury.  So the symptoms can be similar in like cases.

"Locked-in Syndrome

A condition resulting from interruption of motor pathways in the
ventral pons, usually by infarction. This disconnection of the motor
cells in the lower brain stem and spinal cord from controlling signals
issued by the brain leaves the patient completely paralyzed and mute,
but able to receive and understand sensory stimuli; communication may be
possible by code using blinking, or movements of the jaw or eyes, which
can be spared. "

"Persistent Vegetative State (PVS)

is subject to a high degree of error as a diagnosis, a high measure
of confusion as to definition, and an inflation of the role of the
expert. This article from Issues in Law and Medicine discusses these
issues in detail. "



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